Marine Mammal Surveyor Training Course

course thumbnailSeiche Training Marine Mammal Surveyor Training Courses offer world class training in marine mammal surveys with a one week course. Two days will be spent in the class room, with one day teaching the delegates on how to plan a survey and to introduce you to the life of marine mammals. We will then spend five full days out on the boat using these skills to practice whilst exploring the Cornish coast to record and identify marine life visually and acoustically. The final day will finish up with data analysis, including working on the local Bottlenose Fin ID Project. 

Practical skills you will acquire:

  • Boat based Effort based monitoring
  • Visual surveys for marine life
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Photographic identification
  • Data collection and mapping techniques

The Cornish coast is a unique hot spot for marine wildlife, just off the coast of Falmouth we have our summer visitors, Risso’s dolphins and Minke whales, where we may still have basking sharks lurking around the coast. Summer time is the best time of the year to record the smallest cetacean the Harbour porpoise, which are residents around the coast all year. We also have an inshore pod of bottlenose dolphins which roam the coastal waters of Cornwall as well as an offshore pod which we can find further offshore, common dolphins are very common inshore and offshore, and finally grey seals are present in the coastal waters. A huge range of seabirds including the Gannets, Fulmars, Skua’s and shearwaters.

We want to give course delegates the opportunity to work on a boat carrying out marine wildlife surveys, gaining valuable skills that will benefit them in their future academic or professional career. It is an incredible opportunity for you to get involved in marine wildlife conservation and meet new people who share your passion and interests.

What's included?

Accommodation isn’t included on this trip, so you will need to book locally (at around £20 per night). Lunch is included, but you’ll need to pay for other meals. You’ll need to arrange your own transport there, and pay for any free-time activities. You’ll also need your own health and travel insurance.

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