Construct an Underwater Microphone

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The aim of this engineering workshop is to give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the construction of a hydrophone (a microphone that can be used for underwater recordings). Children will examine how hydrophones are used in the real world to study underwater sounds and hear actual recordings of marine mammal vocalisations and other underwater sounds. With visual displays, the use of a working hydrophone and underwater sound recordings students will identify what is required in order to engineer a hydrophone.


Children will brainstorm and learn about different components of a hydrophone and the importance of each piece in order to listen to underwater sounds. Through group work, students will put into practice what they have learnt about hydrophones and construct their very own hydrophone and test its working ability in a mock set up. Throughout the engineering workshop, children’s critical thinking and problem solving abilities will be encouraged.


90 minutes.


This workshop can be held in either the school hall or school classroom.

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  • Bob Gisiner, December 2015

    “I especially appreciated the amount of hands-on training with the data processing software and user interface. This included deployment of an actual PAM array and operation of the PAM monitoring equipment in a realistic survey scenario, complete with cooperative vocalizing dolphins.

    Hands-on practice completing the standardized data sheets used by BOEM and JNCC were also features that I thought left the potential PAM operator ready for real-world application of his or her training.

    The materials and practical training give the students all they need to succeed as a professional PAM operator.”

  • Stephanie Barnicoat, June 2014

    “Excellent. A superb mix of theory and practical. The course leader provides expert up to date knowledge, information that is both easy to absorb and follow whilst being comprehensive. I would highly recommend this course for potential MMOS.”

  • Dan Coles, June 2014

    “The practical side of the course was essential as it gave a very real experience of the role played by an MMO offshore.”